The Vu Team

JOSEPH H. VU, CFP | President and Chief Executive Officer

Joseph Vu is a Certified Financial Planner and has been serving the Orange County communities for over a decade. He is specialized in financial planning, investment, and taxation.

From 2002-2004 Joseph H. Vu served as a strategic business and financial planning advisor for JamPac Tecnologies Inc., a start up company that specialized in a leading edge patented technology for network, internet high speed access and telephony services.

In addition, in 2000-2002 Joseph H. Vu also served as an independent financial advisor for GenX Technology Corp., a start up company with the first potential invention of a device and method of converting IP (protocol) to SONET (networking technology).

Joseph Vu has been involving in the community activities promoting the services that our local businesses provide. He is a member of the Vietnamese Entrepreneur Association since 1995. Formerly, director of the Small Business Exposition in 1995 at Orange County, Joseph has been promoting the expansion of Little Saigon Community businesses.

Since 1997, Joseph Vu has been the host of bi-weekly radio talk shows "Investing No-Load Mutual Fund with Joseph Vu & Co." on K-ALI 106.3 FM and K-VNR 1480 AM. In addition, Joseph Vu also featured a weekly radio talk show "Financial Planning and Investment with Joseph Vu" on Little Saigon Radio 1480 AM. He has put together numerous seminars and talk shows helping our community citizens with questions in the areas of his expertise: financial planning, investment, and taxation.

From Prior to founding Joseph Vu & Co., Joseph worked as a Computer Project Engineer. He specialized in writing programs for the automation of hydraulic equipment used to test airplane components.

Joseph has a Personal Financial Planning degree from University of California, Irvine and Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Sciences and Engineering from the California State University, Long Beach.

PAUL V. VU | Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Paul V. Vu is Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Joseph Vu & Co., Inc. His responsibility includes the development and managing the firm's practice. In addition, Paul oversees the organization functions including planning, structuring, and ensuring compliance to the appropriate government and private entities.

He directly establishes short-term and long-term strategic business planning. More importantly, he administers and coordinates the activities of the organization in support of policies, goals, and objectives establish by the Board of Directors. Paul also involves with human resources in determining the most effective and economically sound organizational structure and manpower requirements. He assures affordability and cost effective of human resource department including personnel policies, job descriptions, salary planning, job scales, and merit increases that are aligned with the long-range fiscal forecast of the organization.

Paul also establishes policies and standards of operation of the firm. Through cooperation and teamwork, he helps to develop new and dynamic marketing tools and promotional tactics to seek new market opportunities to assist in development of appropriate strategies to insure operational supports that are in place to achieve the organization's growth targets.

Paul joins Joseph Vu & Co. in 1992 as a member of a team that advise clients on taxation, accounting, business planning and operations issues. Additionally, Paul's ability to build interpersonal trust demonstrates a capacity to sustain open and transparent relationships with clients. He focuses on understanding and meeting customer needs by maintain standards of confidentiality and a strong commitment to ethical practice.

Prior to joining Joseph Vu & Co., Paul served as a research specialist in the area of Endocrinology and Steroid at Quest Diagnostic, Inc.

Paul graduated from California State University, Fullerton. He is Personal Financial Planner (PFP) from University of Irvine; and a candidate for Certified Financial Planner Designee, CFP.

ANH NGUYEN | Financial Analyst

Anh Nguyen is a Financial Analyst at Joseph Vu & Co. and has served in this position since 2002. In this position, Anh is responsible for investment, economic research, and portfolio management. She initiates product concept, drafts client communications, and develops introductory products. She also creates multiple model portfolios to target different level of risk to implement and diversify client's asset.

For eight years prior to joining Joseph Vu & Co., Anh was a senior Clinical Laboratory Scientist at Core Mass-Spectrometry Department at Quest Diagnostics at Nichols Institute where she was instrumental at research and development of quantitative assays, using the latest technology, LC-MS-MS, to monitor patients drug levels. Her research development earned a poster presentation at 2001 Mass Spectrometry Conference in Chicago, Illinois and an Employee Excellence recognition award at Quest Diagnostics, Nichols Institute. She is a co-author for 2004 poster presentation at Mass Spectrometry Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Anh Nguyen holds CLS, Clinical Laboratory Scientist, license and a member of ASCP, American Society of Clinical Pathologists. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Microbiology from University of California Davis. She is a PFP, Personal Financial Planning certificate from University of California Irvine. Currently Anh is a Pharm.D. candidate from University of Southern California and a Certified Financial Planner candidate.